Saniserv soft serve ice cream machine service, and frozen yoghurt machines are known for their grade, reliability, consistency, and convenience. But, they still require reasonable care and regular repair. This guide is for operators to provide their Saniserv soft serve is well maintained and always produces the best ice cream products for their buyers.

Saniserv Soft Serve Machine Troubleshooting Guide –

Here, you can check some problems with your Saniserv soft serve ice machine, potential causes, and remedies.

Bacterial Count Troubleshooting –

  • Entirely clean and sanitize the soft serve machine regularly, including complete disassembly and brush cleaning.
  • Clean the machine simply by using all brushes provided. These brushes are specially made to reach all mixed passageways.
  • It would be best if you utilized the white hair scrub to wash the mix channel hole that stretches from the hopper down to the rear of the freezing cylinder.
  • On a fixed day of the week, run the mix as low as possible and dump it after closing. This will break the rerun process and reduce the chance of high bacteria and coliform totals.
  • Schedule the cleaning and sanitizing solutions correctly. A too strong solution may damage the parts, and a too weak solution won’t sufficiently clean and sanitise.
  • Freeze up in the mixture inlet hole – You can get this issue because of this mix channel hole. You have to change the mix hopper temperature to avoid problems.
  • The beater is turning counterclockwise from your rear. It would help if you corrected the rotation of the beater clockwise from your side.
  • If the circuit breaker is off or the fuse has blown – Try resetting the breaker.
  • Insufficient mix in the hopper – Make sure to fill the hopper with a good blend.

One Of The Main Problems is Machine Not Running or Operating Properly

When the engine isn’t running or working perfectly, look for the possible issues below:

  • Power is off – See if the appliance is turned off or the power cable is unplugged. If not, check if there is a botched fuse or tripped circuit.
  • Low voltage supply – A low quantity of voltage could be provided to the unit. Have a saniserv ice cream machine services authorized mechanic analyze and correct the issue.
  • Front door not in place – The front door could be loose or poorly installed. Make sure it’s installed securely.
  • Overloaded drive motor – When the drive engine is overloaded, this prevents the compressor from running. Press the “Drive Reset” lever to reset. If the issue continues, contact our authorized technician to repair it.

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Conclusion –

I hope this Saniserv soft serve machine troubleshooting guide helped you to save money and time. However, proper care is the key to every machine control problem. You can visit saniserv soft serve ice cream machine repair services for any problem and get the best result for your business.