With the invention of slush freezer in 1960, Electro Freeze has successfully brought in a revolution in the frozen beverage industry. And now, their frozen beverages machines are in great demand. They are valued for quality construction that helps get a profit margin of up to 80%.

Electro Freeze has made a good name in the industry. They are ruling this industry for years now. However, not just Electro Freeze’s products, the electro freeze frozen beverages machine service are also the best in the market.

If you need any kind of help regarding your Electro Freeze frozen beverages machine, you can just contact electro freeze frozen beverages machine repair nj, and they will help you out. They will provide you with a dedicated technician, who will handle the maintenance and repair of your frozen beverages machine.

Why choose Electro Freeze frozen beverages machine?

Electro Freeze frozen beverages machines provide high-quality equipment at competitive prices. And you can be sure that every machine will last for years. Plus all the machines comes with a great convenience of usage. And apart from the quality of their products, electro freeze frozen beverages machine maintenance service is also very good. So when you buy a product from Electro Freeze, you don’t need to worry about anything else.

Some maintenance tips for a frozen beverages machine

Like a human body, a machine also needs proper care and maintenance. Always remember, if you don’t maintain your frozen beverage machine well, it can turn against itself. So even if you have the option of technician’s support, there are quite a few things that you should follow to give your frozen beverage machine a longer life.

  1. Sugar is the biggest enemy of a frozen beverage machine- Always remember, sugar is the biggest enemy of a frozen beverage machine. So it’s very important to clean your machine regularly as per the recommendation of the manufacturer. Try to clean your machine weekly. Cleaning means, defrosting and draining the machine. Also, disassembling the primary working parts. Such as barrel or bowl, drip tray, dispensing valve, etc.
  2. Wash all your parts with warm water- Wash all the primary working parts of the machine with warm water and mild detergent. Then rinse and reassemble your frozen beverage machine.
  3. Sanitize the machine and lubricate the moving parts- It is vital to clean the machine timely. Also, as there are moving parts lubricating them is with a good food-grade lubricant is vital. Always use the manufacturer-recommended food-grade lubricant and do not use cooking oils or any other lubricants.
  4. Wipe down your machine- Food beverages machines should be wiped down every day. However, depending on the food you are serving and local health codes, your machine should be cleaned every week.
  5. Check seals, gaskets, and/or O-rings- These should be checked quarterly and replaced if necessary. You should contact a technician if the seal, gasket, and/or O-rings need to be replaced.

Tips for repairing an Electro Freeze frozen beverages machine

If you see any part of your frozen beverages machine is broken, just contact the electro freeze frozen beverages machine service. They will fix the problem. But do not try to fix yourself. You might not do it properly.


Electro Freeze frozen beverage machines are the best in the market. Their maintenance and repair service is also very good. If you feel any difficulty with your Electro Freeze frozen beverage machine, just contact them and they will help you out. Also, they have some troubleshooting videos on their website. You can check them out too.