Beat the heat this summer, have a taste of cool soft-serve ice cream, and get yourself refreshed. However, for trouble-free the need for soft-serve ice cream machine repair would be in place. You never know the service can be disrupted and you may suffer from the favorite beverage to get relief.

Learn About Stoelting Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine Service

Are you searching for compact and sleek cold desserts like ice creams and frozen yogurt? Try setting soft serve ice cream machine service. Moreover, the machines are reliable, long-lasting, and have immense customer appeal. Moreover, these counter-top freezers are twin twist or triple duty freezers. The latter is capable of mixing two flavors with a twist. Not only meet the demand but a long drawn dependable service.

Few Tips To Allow Stoelting Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine Repair

Ice cream enthusiasts take a note of how stoelting soft serve ice cream machine repair needs can be identified based on

  • Trouble: Even after running the machine, it does not dispense the much-desired product


(a) Machine frozen because of early start or improper feeding

(b) The machine motor might get overloaded


a) The condenser is the most vital part of the machine. Further, if defrosting is not done properly, say 15 mins up to an hour. Turn off the machine and restart after the condenser gets defrosted.

b) The second important component that needs your attention is the motor. Moreover, it requires 20min rest time before restarting. Further, if any deviation happens, authorized service agents need to attend.

  • Trouble: Ice cream generated not matching consistency. Further, if the output is soft, it won’t be as per standards


a) The temperature supposed to be achieved is not inline

b) The condenser is not clean

c) The machine may not be assembled properly


a) The soft serve machines are mostly air-cooled. Preferably the unit should be located in an AC cooled while in the assembly they should be placed 3 inches apart.

b) For a successful production make sure all components of the machine are cleaned well.

c) If the assembly of the auger is not proper the machine will generate faulty products

  • Trouble: The end product is slimy in feel and taste


The machine is not cleaned properly. Further, the product mix might have expired.


a) Get rid of the expired mix

b) Clean the machine properly to avoid any contamination of the faulty mix.

Some Additional Reasons To Troubleshoot

  • If the compressor and air circulation are not proper
  • Fault in hopper might have a foamy output
  • If the soft serve tastes acidic


Enjoy this summer with frozen beverages. Further, in America, the Taylor and Stoelting machines are best for producing soft serve ice creams and frozen yogurt. However, for a prolonged service of these machines, adequate measures would be required for the machines. You realize by now how to approach the troubles and how to mitigate them.