A quality soft serving machine will last for several years, but before considering replacement, there are reasons why you do not want to wait until your machine is on its last legs. Cost and efficiency are the key reasons.

If your machine’s efficiency has declined over the years, it’s probably time to consider having a substitute machine. For quality product development, a quality soft serving machine is essential. Product quality boosts customer loyalty and revenue.

If the machine often breaks down, you should probably consider changing the machine. Second, before a technician can make a service call, it can take quite some time, and the service call can be quite costly. Third, because of equipment downtime, you can also factor in the cost of missed revenue.

Although your device may be running, you may be looking at costly repairs and a complete failure shortly if it is no longer under warranty and has problems like an uncomfortable odor or controls that no longer function properly.

However, with your ice cream machine, high demand, repeated use, or poor maintenance can lead to several problems.

Some of the reasons you might think about replacing or fixing your machine are:

No product is coming out.

You can also check if the hopper has ample ice cream mixture. Refill the hopper, if not, and try again.

It may also have overworked the beater in the system, causing the motor to overload. You would need to restart the machine to fix this. For the proper protocol to do so, check your user’s manual. If the problem persists, you should consider replacing or repairing the machine.

The Ice Cream is very stiff 

The luscious texture is one of the reasons that customers prefer soft-serve ice cream. It should flow out readily when dispensing the ice cream from the machine. You can issue the temperature control system if the product comes out too heavy, slowly, or in bits.

The Ice Cream is very Soft

Lower the temperature regulation progressively until the desired consistency is reached if the ice cream comes out too soft or liquid. Instead, the issue could be due to a poorly designed feed tube. Make sure the feed tube at the bottom of the hopper is located correctly in the inlet opening.

Leakage from the Rear Drip Pan 

The drip pan is intended for the cooling system to collect any excess fluid. There are, however, a few explanations why the drip pan might have excess fluid.

Not feeding the liquid into the freezer cylinder.

If the mixture does not feed into the freezing cylinder, it may fully back up, overload, or malfunctioned the machine. Typically, the issue is something simple, such as a low mixture level in the mixing hopper, easily solved by refilling the hopper to the required level.