The soft serve Ice cream is the quintessential summer treat that is always a hit. Few things, however, are more disappointing than making the trek for a lovely cone of creamy soft serve only to learn that the machine is broken. Periods of downtime affect your income and reputation if your firm employs soft serve machines, so you want to do all you can to minimize them.

5 Tips for a soft serve ice cream machine repair Fairfield

1. Begin with the Finest Equipment

Investing in high-quality equipment simplifies maintenance, and Electro Freeze equipment is unrivalled. H.C. Duke, a father-son team, invented the first pressurised soft-serve freezer for Dairy Queen in 1946 before buying Electro Freeze in 1969 and extending their business to additional locations. Our equipment has been producing the greatest frozen desserts in the world for over 50 years!

2. Clean on a regular and thorough basis

Your soft serve ice cream machine service Queens machine should be disassembled, cleaned, reassembled, and sanitised on a regular basis to guarantee the highest quality product and the equipment’s life. Although the method is often the same across devices, always consult your machine’s operating manual for specifics.

Deactivate the machine and drain any remaining product before rinsing with cold water until the water runs clean. Remove and clean all moving components, then clean and sterilise the machine. If your machine has a wash mode, be sure you use it to avoid harm from freezing water.

3. Don’t Forget About the Condenser

The condenser transports heat away from the unit, and ignoring it might result in a broken-down machine, particularly on hot days, which are some of the finest days for ice cream sales. If your machine has a water-cooled condenser, ensure that it is filled with cold, clean water. If the condenser is air-cooled, make sure the equipment has enough space for appropriate airflow.

Air-cooled condensers additionally contain a condenser filter, which must be kept clean in order to adequately disperse hot air. Check the filter on a regular basis, and if it becomes filthy, gently clean it with a brush, cloth, or vacuum. Before returning it to the machine, rinse it with warm water and allow it to dry.

4. Lubricate the Appropriate Parts

The main moving components that must be greased will be identified in your operator’s handbook. Use a food-grade lubricant on these components before reassembly as part of your normal cleaning regimen. This will ensure that your equipment runs smoothly and the life of its moving components is extended.

5. Keep a supply of critical replacement parts on hand

Inspect the machine on a regular basis and replace any worn or broken parts, maintaining a supply of vital components on hand. Parts such as O-rings, belts, gaskets, and scraper blades might wear out and temporarily disable your machine. Neglecting gaskets and O-rings might result in ice cream accessing internal machine components and causing a permanent failure.

ADI Electro Freeze provides only high-quality brands and components, and our service can help you keep your equipment running well. We have the most experience in the Midwest.

We offer everything you need whether you’ve been in the soft serve ice cream machine maintenance Queens industry for years or are wanting to add a machine to your company. We maintain and distribute electrofreeze equipment, assist in the establishment of shops and menus, and educate employees.