To properly care for your in-demand tools as we approach the summer, it’s crucial to be proactive. For instance, ensuring that your ice makers create clean, good-tasting ice is one of the most affordable ways to improve the functionality and extend the life of your equipment, helping you avoid potential issues during the busiest seasons. 

Although carrying out maintenance tasks can take some time and effort, once you establish preventive maintenance routines, doing so becomes second nature. Regular maintenance is the most effective method to get the most out of your equipment, whether it applies to cleaning your appliances or changing worn parts. If you have a machine and you want ice machine maintenance in Newark, feel free to call They provide service, repair, maintenance, and installation for all things cold, including ice makers, soft serve ice cream, frozen beverage machines, reach-in coolers, and other industrial refrigeration. Let’s discuss how to improve ice machine performance with regular maintenance.  

Purify and Cleanse

A separation happens as ice develops on an ice maker’s evaporator dish. Scale, which forms when minerals separate from the water and adhere to the surfaces of water system components, is produced. When the surfaces are dry, this gauge will be easier to see. Due to the different types of minerals found in the local water source, the scale’s light will turn. Iron scale, on the other hand, will develop a rusty red colour, whereas lime or calcium scale will be off-white in appearance. In some places, the development of algae or slime is also possible. This is a result of airborne or waterborne bacteria that can congregate in moist places and grow.

Dust and Examine

You can finish other tasks in the PM check while you wait for the cleaning solution to finish doing its work during the cleaning process. Check for obstructions in the intake water valve screen and clean the condenser and air filter if they are present on the appliance. Apply a non-corrosive cleaner to the condenser coil if it is coated in grease, grime, or dirt, and then give it a thorough rinsing with water. You might need to use a fin tool or brush on the coil fins. It is crucial for remote condenser devices because they expose the coil to the elements. 

Pristine Exterior

Cleaning the exterior is the last stage in the PM procedure. Clean the storage bins and the unit’s stainless surface with a soft cloth and a neutral cleanser.

Preventative repair inspections can save time and money if done frequently. As a service professional, take advantage of every chance to convince your ice machine client of the value of regular PM inspections. Both you and your clients will benefit significantly.

Final Words

The best thing you can do to increase the life of your ice maker and keep it running as effectively and efficiently as possible is to schedule routine maintenance. Water-related issues account for 70% of all ice maker service calls. Fortunately, with routine maintenance, a pro can show you how to save maintenance and service costs and give your house, staff, or customers the highest-quality ice. Don’t let bad ice ruin your drinks. For more information on increasing the effectiveness of your ice maker, contact has been serving ice machine maintenance in the Bronx region for years. They are extremely proud in offering ice machine repair and maintenance along with other specialist HVAC and refrigeration services.