When we are talking about making ice, kold draft manufactures the best equipment in the food service industry. From X-Series models and cocktails to stackable and under-counter units, there is a variety of commercial ice makers that kold draft make. Not just the equipment, the kold draft ice machine service is also the best in the market.

If in a rare case an issue pops up, then their kold draft ice machine repair guide will give you troubleshooting tips and error codes. Below are common codes to diagnose any problem quickly.

  • Error codes and troubleshooting steps

CODE- 10

If you see the code ‘10’, this means the temperature of the evaporator is over 120°F. Below are the probable causes and solutions. Just understand the problem first and then contact kold draft ice machine service nj.

  1. Bad evaporator wiring or probe- You need to change the wiring or probe.
  2. Hot gas valve or the cuber stuck upon- If the valve isn’t working correctly, you’ve to change it.
  3. Fault in the control board- You have to replace the control board.
  4. A problem with the actuator motor- You need to replace the Actuator motor.

CODE- 20

If the water plate fails to close after three attempts, this code will display. Below are the probable causes and solutions.

  1. Cam arm or pin is broken- If it’s broken you need to replace it immediately.
  2. Disconnected cam spring- Fix the pin. If it’s broken change it.
  3. Bin probe-related problem- If it’s out of position, you need to adjust or replace it.
  4. Evaporator probe reads warm- If it reads too warm, you need to adjust the temperature. And if it’s broken, change it.

CODE- 30

When the freezing exceeds its set time, you will see code ‘30’ displays. These are the probable causes and solutions.

  1. Overflowing water tank- You need to replace the valve.
  2. Not refrigerating and Faulty water pump- Contact a technician from kold draft ice machine repair nj.
  3. Liquid or low air flow through condenser- The high-pressure safety may have tripped. It needs to be reset.
  4. The compressor isn’t working- There is a need for replacement.
  5. The hot gas valve is open- The valve needs to be replaced.

CODE- 40

If this code displays then this means the freeze time is under five minutes for 3 consecutive times. These can be possible issues.

  1. Water leaking- It may cause premature harvesting. The leak needs to be repaired.
  2. Evaporator probe out of adjustment – Adjust the temperature.
  3. Slushing in the water tank, and pump- Adjust the valve or replace it.

CODE- 50

When the harvest cycle exceeds 20 minutes, this code displays. Below can be the possible issues.

  1. Fault in control board- You need to change it.
  2. The evaporator temperature probe is broken- If it’s broken you need to change it.
  3. Arms-down switch closed or stuck open- There will be a need for repair or replacement.

CODE- 60

If you see this code, that means water is filling over its set time. If this occurs, look for the following.

  1. Water supply is off- See if the water supply needs to be turned on.
  2. Loose wire connection- You need to fix the connection.
  3. External water filter clogged- If it occurs, unplug any blockage.

CODE- 70

This code displays for different reasons depending on the model. So contact a technician.

CODE- 80

This code displays only on models with 1.3 software revisions. If the machine is in full rinse mode and the left jumper is pulled on the controller, this occurs. The mode is optional. However, you need to replace the jumper.

CODE- 90

If code ‘90’ displays on models with 1.3 software revisions, that means the ice bean is full. But if it displays when the bin isn’t full, contact a technician.


If you need more troubleshooting help, check out kold draft manuals.