Whether it’s the hot summer or a cocktail party at the end of the year, we need ice year-round. Commercial ice machines are the most required and expensive equipment in almost all restaurants, dinners, and hotels. These machines produce ice way faster than the refrigerators we use at home and in huge amounts because of their size and capacity to keep lower temperatures for a longer time. Different forms of ice can be formed in these commercial ice machines, like, cubed or flaked. Different forms of ice are used for different purposes, cubes are used in restaurants and at cubes, flakes for snow cones, or even for storing material or food that has to be kept cold.

These commercial ice machines are also really expensive and there is also a lot of business that depends on their working. Imagine a cocktail party without any ice cubes in the drink because the ice machine stopped working. Here’s a list of things you should consider before buying a commercial ice machine:

  • The first decision to be taken is to decide which machine to choose, you need to choose between different kinds of ice machines. Water-cooled or air-cooled are the two types of commercial ice machines available in the market. The air-cooled ones use air ventilation for cooling purposes whereas the water-cooled ones use water as a source to keep the temperatures low.
  • This brings you to the next step to decide which kind of place you are going to choose to place the machine. If you choose the air-cooled type of machine you need to make sure there is adequate ventilation around the machine for it to work at maximum efficiency. In case you decide to choose the water-cooled type, there has to be a continuous supply of water nearby.
  • The next step is to choose the quantity of the machine which depends upon the kind of use you decide to put the machine to. It is very important because this will decide the size and price of the machine. It depends on the kind of place where the machine has to be used, if the ice is needed at a pub it will be in more amounts than if it is needed at a diner or a cafĂ©. It also depends on the kind of place the machine is supposed to be used, a club that has a full house on weekends will need a machine with a bigger capacity than some random diner on the highway.
  • The kind of water that is to be used by the ice machine has to be filtered to prevent any kind of debris accumulation in the machine.
  • The maintenance of the machine is also very important for it to work to its maximum capacity. Make sure you buy it from a dealer who provides proper maintenance and regular repair visits.

Ice maker services in New York City are in constant need of ice given the load of customers in all the restaurants and hotels. Ice machine installation and maintenance, New Jersey provides a wide range of services from spare parts to quick and regular repairs. Ice machine maintenance of Hackensack also gives regular maintenance and high-quality services. Make sure to take into consideration all your requirements and then choose a commercial ice- machine.